12 Days of Christmas: Day 8

A bittersweet Christmas as we celebrate Agne's last Christmas in the states before she heads back to her homeland. All the details of a Scandinavian Christmas and more!

The only thing we’re milking this Christmas is how much time we have left with our dear Agnes! Agnes and her handsome lads are heading back home to Scotland next Spring but she will always be our family here at Two Be Wed. A bittersweet Christmas, but a sweet one nonetheless!



What colors do you use in your home for holiday decorations?
I am such a sucker for all things metallic, my home is filled with gold details and sparkle. I adore candles and in Scandinavia it is common for us to light candles all day and night during winter. I love the huggley (danish word for cosy) atmosphere they create and the warmth they add by flickering off ornaments and decor!
What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?
Back home in Scotland, we have a German market which sets up only at Christmas, it’s kinda become a local tradition to visit and drink hot mulled wine while perusing the stalls in the freezing cold. My sister got engaged in the big Ferris wheel there too, so it’s a family spot now! I can’t wait to share it with Charlie bear (our wee man) when we get back!
What is your go-to gift for holiday parties/others?
Ladies: always a beautiful, vintage if I can, China cup and saucer. Or a gift card for two for high tea at your local is such a luxury treat these days. Who doesn’t want the excuse to savour good company and delish tea! ┬áMen: classic shaving kits, bagger brush, Ceramic bowl, butterfly razor etc, or a good beer glass and some tasty season brew!