12 Days of Christmas: Day Four

On the fourth day of Christmas, we present to you...Lady Dunton of #DuntonAbbey!
Joanna is a lady of many titles: planner, florist, wife, new mom to Penelope, homemaker, baker…should we go on? See what tickles her fancy this season!
What colors do you use in your home for holiday decorations?
My first memory of being in awe of Christmas decor was as a child looking through the pages of Southern Living. Because of that early influence my decor is pretty traditional with lots of red and gold with as much fresh Christmas greenery as I can get my hands on.
What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?

I received an heirloom nativity set from a dear friend and mother figure who passed away last year. Setting it up was always special to her and a tradition I was blessed to participate in with her family for many years.  This year I will set it up with my family as the central piece of our Christmas; reminding us of both her and of the Christ’s birth that we celebrate.  

nativity set

 What is your go-to gift for holiday parties/others?

Food. I always love bringing something tasty to my friends and family during the Christmas season.
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