12 Days of Christmas: Day Three

Keeping it traditional and nostalgic today with one of our leading ladies: Danyett! She shares how her family celebrates Christmas and a few of her favorite things!

Another day, another planner! Danyett is sharing the scoop on her favorite holiday, her obsession with ornaments and how the Baxter’s do Christmas!


What colors do you use in your home for holiday decorations?
I am open to all colors, but you will primarily find red and green in our home. Red holly berries across the mantle, green evergreen swags across the bookshelves. I like the look of the traditional Christmas red and green. ┬áMy family’s Christmas tree is a hodge podge of ornaments and every color is welcome. It includes ornaments from my childhood, my husband’s childhood, homemade ornaments from our sweet nieces and nephews and now our very own little ones, ( my daughter adds at least 5 new hand crafted pieces of art to the tree each year). Ornaments from my husband and I’s first Christmas, my children’s first Christmas, ornaments from my trips to Round Top with Nat, and ornaments I challenged others for at a yearly ornament exchange party:). New or old I love them all because there is a memory tied to each and every one.
What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?
Playing ornament “I Spy” while decorating the Christmas tree. My sister and I used to sit in front of the tree when we were kids and play this. Now I play it with my kiddos. “I spy an ornament with a gold bell, I spy an ornament with a green hat…”
What is your go-to gift for holiday parties/others?
Candles and Ornaments :)