Angela + Andrew at Bayou City Event Center

"As a person who believes what makes something special is all in the details, I truly wanted my wedding to be special." Our bride Angela knew she wanted her wedding to be unique and memorable for her guests, so with an amazing team of vendors and a few personal touches we were able to bring her dream to life. Beautifully photographed by Kelli Elizabeth.

At Two Be Wed it’s no secret that we love anything Chinoiserie, and a certain bird themed Chinoiserie wallpaper was the perfect inspiration for this wedding that not only joined together two beautiful people, but also two different cultures.

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Married at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, Angela and Andrew took part in a traditional “Crowning Ceremony.” This a special and important ceremony in the church filled with symbolism and tradition. The crowns placed on the bride and groom symbolize kingship and queenship over the couple’s new kingdom, their home.

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Everyone had a special hand in creating Angela and Andrew’s day. Darryl & Co was able to bring the Chinoiserie inspiration to life with their bird cage designs and floral arrangements. Sugary and Chic took it another step further with their amazing collection of cakes each with its own detail that tied into the theme. Even Andrew and his dad who worked on the Mercedes and got it into perfect condition for their getaway car!

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Photographer: Kelli Elizabeth / Event Styling, Planning and Coordination: Natalie Dawley of Two Be Wed / Floral Design & Rentals: Darryl & Co.  / Invitations: Lucky Luxe / Calligraphy: Maureen Vickery/  Venue and Catering: Bayou City Event Center / Cake: Sugary and Chic Cake Boutique  / Lighting: Unique Style Productions



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