Ashley + Matthew Proposal

Ashley and Matthew have shared countless adventures both big and small throughout their relationship. From Disney World to Germany, from cheering on their favorite sports teams to movie nights with homemade pizza, this couple makes every experience they have together count! Little did Ashley know, one of their biggest adventures was about to begin when Matthew's photographer aunt asked them to participate in a styled shoot!

When your aunt is a talented wedding photographer, why wouldn’t you go to her for help planning your proposal?! Matthew approached Dana Fernandez Photography about two weeks before he was planning to propose to his sweetheart, Ashley, to see if she would be able to capture the special moment for them. An idea that started as a causal picnic along Buffalo Bayou, turned into a styled shoot in disguise! With the help of some industry friends, the “styled shoot” came to life in just a few days and was filled with special touches that turned it into the perfect backdrop for one of the biggest moments of Ashley and Matthew’s lives! What an honor to have their special moment featured on Style Me Pretty! 030715_Ashley and Matthew Proposal-19

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Knowing that most girls would love to be all dressed up and looking their best for their big moment (that was also to be captured on film), Dana played off the proposal as a last minute model cancellation for her “styled shoot” aka Matthew’s surprise proposal. Playing model, Ashley was able to get her hair and make up done by the wonderful ladies at Hey Lovely and not suspect a thing! When Ashley and Matthew arrived at the location, Ashley first noticed was the cute “Pinterest worthy” picnic set up, and as got closer she realized the blanket was covered in photos of the couple throughout their relationship. Immediately she had a feeling for what was about to happen!

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Before she could take a breath, Matthew was down on one knee attempting the speech he had prepared, both of them in tears. With a huge smile on her face, Ashley said “YES!” before Matthew had even finished popping the big question. The couple toasted to their engagement out of Matthew’s parents wedding flutes paired with custom Buttercup Bakery macaroons as Dana captured a few irreplaceable photos.

030715_Ashley and Matthew Proposal-37

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030715_Ashley and Matthew Proposal-60More of how it all began from the blushing bride to be:

It all began one night I was watching the Texans beat the Jets and friends, who were in town for a conference, invited me to go out with them. I was reluctant to go out on a Monday night, but I had strong intuition that I should go. After all, it would be fun to catch up with old friends. Not knowing what fate had in store, I met my friends at Pat O’Brien’s piano bar where I spotted a tall, handsome man wearing a Texans jersey. I excitedly went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. I seriously just wanted to know if he watched the game (I swear!); the fact that he was super cute was just a bonus! For the remainder of the night, it seemed like we were the only ones in the crowded bar as we talked and were just completely in awe of each other.

Since that night, we have shared a countless number of adventures both big and small. From movie nights in with homemade pizza, cheering on our teams at sporting events, traveling to places like Disney World and Germany, checking out the new hot restaurants, to just running errands; all are amazing experiences with Matthew by my side. That is why it did not take me by surprise when we were asked to participate in a styled shoot one weekend. I thought it was just another fun day for us. Unsure of what exactly a style shoot entailed, I was just happy to help out photographer, friend, and Matthew’s aunt, Dana Fernandez. After getting my hair and makeup done we arrived at a park. We walked up to a romantic picnic set up- something that you would only see on Pinterest (not “real” life). “This is so cute!” I shrieked. I then noticed pictures of Matthew and I covered the blanket, and my heart skipped a beat. Before I could take another breath, Matthew was down on one knee and the biggest smile spread across my face. He started to give a speech, but we both just started to cry. I was so full of joy that I started to say “yes” before he even popped the question. We had a beautiful proposal/engagement photo-shoot to follow. The whole experience was perfect and a time I will always cherish. I am so blessed that this special day means we will continue our adventures through life together, forever!

030715_Ashley and Matthew Proposal-50

We are so thrilled that we were able to be a part of this surprise picnic proposal and are looking forward to helping the couple plan their wedding! These adventurers are just getting started and we can’t wait to see where life takes them!



Photography: Dana Fernandez Photography / Style and Design: Ashley Joseph of Two Be Wed / Florals: Blush and Vine / Desserts: Buttercup Bakery / Hair and Makeup: Hey Lovely / Ring Holder: Anthropologie / Lab: The Find Lab

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  1. This is all so beautiful!! It the perfect setting for a Disney Love Story! And it will only get better.
    So looking forward to the wedding next year!
    Matthew and Ashley are the perfect couple!!❤️❤️

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