Au Revoir, Lena and Lucie!

Au revoir, or until we meet again! This summer we had the pleasure of hosting two interns from France, Lena and Lucie! We loved having the two of them around to learn more about wedding planning as well as what life is like in Houston, Texas! The girls were a long way from home, but they made the most of their trip to the Lone Star State and it was a pleasure to have them as a part of our team.

Lena and Lucie first contacted Natalie early in the spring asking if there were any opportunites for them come to Texas for an internship. The University the girls attend in France require them to take on an internship abroad, and they just so happened to find Two Be Wed while on their search for wedding planning companies in Houston. We were so excited to welcome these girls to Texas and to invite them to be a part of our team for a couple of months! They were able to assist with multiple weddings, styled shoots, attend a number of various planning meetings, and have some fun with us as we celebrated moving to a new studio! They also took some time to answer some questions about what they learned and their experiences while here.


What was your favorite part of the internship? 

Lucie & Léna : “Definitely [Two Be Wed Coordinator] Casey’s wedding… Because it was nice to being part of this important event for Two Be Wed…it was one of the more beautiful weddings that we got to work on! We also both liked working on our own styled photoshoot with Natalie at High Fashion Home, and shaping our project and what we learned during these 2 months, and we can’t wait to start it when we get back to France! Then, we also liked Galveston’s venue (Hotel Galvez). Even if it was very hot out there.”

IMG_1795 IMG_1793 sans-titre (3) sans-titre (7)

What did you learn about wedding planning? 

“We learned that we have to be focused on details, accurate, ensure the event runs smoothly, manage the unforeseen, and be reactive! We also realized that it could be very stressful!”

What was your favorite part of living in Houston? 

“SUN!!! The beautiful weather, people are very nice, very welcoming!”

What surprised you the most about the internship or living in Houston? 

“The most surprising thing was how badly Houston’s inhabitants drive! They’re so crazy! Then, being stuck in the flood in Downtown was such a bad memory, the hurricane alert surprised us too because we don’t have that in France! Concerning weddings, American’s wedding budgets are so huuuge compared to France! BUT, French people knows best how to party until 5am!!”

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What are some wedding trends or traditions that differ in American compard to France?

American’s wedding

French’s wedding

End is sooner (11PM)

End at 5AM

Dinner ends at 8.30PM (eat fast)

Dinner ends at 11PM

Details are very important

Guest buy new clothes for each wedding.

French use clothes that they already bought for an other wedding

Open bar

No open bar, bottles are on the table

Bride and groom are just together/not as much with their guest

Bride and groom are always with their guests

Wedding planning is more usual

Wedding planning is not very known

Food is not a priority

Food is one of the most important priority

Open bar

Each meal has its wine/drink

What are your plans now that you’ve completed the internship?

“We are still interested in the wedding planning field! But, first we want to be graduate, and probably after that, start a collaboration with the lovely Two Be Wed girls in France! ;) Besides planning weddings, we would also like to plan other events like birthday party, company meetings, etc…”

IMG_1794 IMG_1796IMG_1798 sans-titre (6)

We wish Lena and Lucie the best of luck on the rest of their studies and hope they are back to visit soon! Stay tuned for Two Be Wed France…



Photos were taken by Two Be Wed Coordinators and Lena and Lucie of their time here in Houton, (mostly on phones, so please excuse the quality).

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