Invitation Etiquette and Advice

Etiquette can be difficult, especially when everyone has an opinion on the internet. As wedding planners, we are constantly asked for help when it comes to addressing invitations, so we went straight to a stationery and etiquette professional for advice to share with you!

Addressing invitations can get tricky, so we enlisted the help of stationer extraordinaire, Lily from Lavender and Mint, to share some advice!


When addressing envelopes to…

A male doctor, and non doctor wife

Dr. and Mrs. John David Smith

Male doctor, and doctor wife

The Doctors Smith


Doctor John David Smith

And Doctor Jane Anne Smith

Just inviting the couple

Mr. and Mrs. John David Smith

Inviting families

Mr. and Mrs. John David Smith and Family

Dr. and Mrs. John David Smith and Family

Single Man

Mr. John David Smith

Single Woman

Ms. Jane Anne Dunn

Unmarried couple living together

Miss Jane Anne Dunn

Mr. John David Smith

Divorced woman

You can either use Mrs. or Ms.

Divorced woman who has resumed using her maiden name

Ms. Jane Anne Dunn


Mrs. Jane Anne Smith

Wife kept maiden name

Ms. Jane Anne Dunn

And Mr. John David Smith

And in general, always use ‘and’ rather than an ampersand and be sure you spell out apartment, number, avenue, street, etc. If you have any other etiquette questions, you can let us know in the comment section! Special thanks to Lily at Lavender & Mint for the expert advice!
Lavender & Mint is a bespoke invitation design studio with locations in Los Angeles and Houston, owned and operated by Lily Lasuzzo. They specialize in graphic design and event branding for luxury custom wedding invitations, announcements, birthdays, parties, baby showers & social stationery.
Photography: Laurie Perez Photography / Stationery Items: Lavender & Mint / Styling: Natalie Dawley of Two Be Wed from the Modern Love styled shoot
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